When I was a child, I loved books and was probably the only child who had a parent that would say, “Stop reading so much or you may go blind.” During summer months, I would return from the library with five or six books, reading about one a day. A lot of them were religious-based.

Years later, when I was known as Evelyn Snow, my grand-daughter, Bryanna Snow, would visit me often. I was a part of her life from birth until around twelve years of age. During her visits we would recite nursery rhythms and well-known children’s books. I would change phrases within the stories and that delighted her.

One evening, I was starting to tell her the story of “Little Red Riding Hood,” when she spoke up and said, “No. Can we change it to ‘Little Yellow Riding Hood?’” I believe she came up with the change because she had just received a yellow raincoat with an attached hood. We both came up with ideas for this story, a lot of which are in the book Little Yellow Riding Hood. Since then, I have wanted to get it in print.

Years went by and I was busy working full time or managing the affairs of my aged parents. When I was about to begin my retirement, people would ask me what I would do with my time, and without thinking I told them I desired to try writing children’s books. The year before I retired, at age 65, I got engaged in such a fairytale way and my last name changed from Snow to White. It was unbelievable how many people wanted me to keep my last name of Snow so I would be Snow-White. I responded that I did not want to do that but would use Snow White as my pen name when submitting children’s books.

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